Harriman Oyofo: Plugging the Safety Leaks when at work
21-04-2016 | 11:53:00
Ok, let’s get real. Everybody has their pet challenge with safety, what yours? Money (obviously!), people, material, tools, work environment, client sales or what?
Harriman Oyofo: Being the boss does not imply 'Bossing'
06-04-2016 | 13:07:00
Staff training is not an all comer’s game, don’t just dive in hoping for the best. There are certified safety trainers, seek them out to help work on closing your identified learning and competence gaps if you’re to turnaround your crew. Remember, like in all trades, quacks abound in safety as well.
Harriman Oyofo: Business Sustainability through Safety
17-03-2016 | 12:06:00
First word: These are hard times so every cent has to count much more than ever before if the business must see the next day. It’s time then to cut out the nice-to-have little extras and face reality.
Aviation: NAMA Wraps up Safety Assessment on Six ICAO Approved Routes
24-09-2015 | 12:25:00
The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency,NAMA, has completed safety assessment and design of six International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO, approved Performance Based Navigation (PBN) regional routes to enhance regional connectivity within the Africa and Indian Ocean (AFI) region.
Harriman Oyofo: Road Safety in Nigeria – the headache of the Rich and the Poor Alike
25-08-2015 | 10:26:00
When it comes to road safety we’re all equally exposed. There are no special safeguards for anyone, not the poor nor the rich. Not the president, not the governor and not the unemployed.
Harriman Oyofo: The Nigerian penchant for blaming God
13-08-2015 | 11:47:00
It is safe to say at this point that looking for who is to blame amounts to taking the path of least resistance – an unnecessary official cop out which may be due to ignorance or lack of capacity, or both.
Harriman Oyofo: Safety as a No. 1 Priority – a Business Lie
04-08-2015 | 10:04:00
Many workplaces have huge signs splashed across their entrances boldly proclaiming SAFETY as their No.1 priority but I would be worried if I found myself working in such an outfit. I’ll be worried because in all honesty no business owner sets up just to make safety his/her number one priority.
Harriman Oyofo: We’ve Never Had an Accident Yet
28-07-2015 | 11:25:00
Sure, but isn’t that what they all say? Can it be that you’re immune or that your competitors are plain unlucky; or maybe someone up there is unhappy with them, right?
Harriman Oyofo: The Business of Driving in Nigeria
02-07-2015 | 15:36:00
Road traffic collisions kill thousands of people in Nigeria each year, not to mention the accompanying damage to property and the environment. It is estimated that in about 80% of the occurrences driver error is the principal, primary cause.
Harriman Oyofo: Enduring Facts and Fallacies in Safety Management
26-06-2015 | 11:48:00
If it was solely common sense that pivots safety, how come there are thousands of workers killed or maimed each year with trillions of naira worth of property damaged at the same time?