Peter McCann: A Great African
14-04-2015 | 11:15:00
In Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan (b 1957) was recently defeated in reasonably clean presidential elections and graciously conceded on March 31 2015. Jonathan saved Nigeria from ruinous conflict and he legitimized and embedded democracy in Nigeria. He is leaving power as a statesman.
Peter McCann: Management = Subtract Before Adding
31-03-2015 | 11:29:00
I was asked recently about how to rejuvenate a business, and my advice was to subtract before adding. Businesses and governments grow organically, like the Nigerian coral reef, adding bits until eventually the accumulation is something new. Unlike the Nigerian coral reef, which is a creation of beauty, businesses and governments become bloated and ugly.
Peter McCann: Nigeria First! The Cows Are Waiting!
26-03-2015 | 12:50:00
A seasoned Nigerian businessman and I had a lengthy discussion about the potential merits of an uncertain, expensive investment but possibly lucrative opportunity in a distant country. He seemed excited about the foreign opportunity. Later, I composed and emailed the following parable: